PPC Service


We at Digital Baharat build customized campaigns to produce the best results possible. We refine each Pay per Click campaigns with proper research and analysis of market and audience. Our PPC services ensure a dedicated specialist to a client who uses best in class tools to extensive keyword research and gets the analysis done according to your business needs to generate more and more inquiries.


Digital Baharat cares about every penny you shed out in building your brand and marketing, our PPC services are customized for every domain of industry such that it reaches the majority of audience suitable for your brand and gets converted. We believe in ROI and to maximize it, we closely monitor the keywords less competitive and target a broader audience. Our versatile knowledge and proficient team ensure in building winning campaigns with catchy title and description that converts. Our best PPC services to our clients make us work for different industries worldwide.


Transparency to clients is the key in PPC services; every campaign created are adequately documented and shared with clients to see the performance of every keyword which got the customer converted including click-through rate, ROI and traffic report. Also, to maximize ROI, we tweak and refine the campaigns according to the market trends over the time.

Some prospective buyer doesn't covert in one go. We need to make the second effort in converting them. With our powerful retargeting strategies we remind buyer what they loved about us the first time and convert them.